Gene’s Specials

  • Inspired by his recent trip to Egypt, Gene created the July Wool of the Month collection. It reminds him of the sun, sand and rocks he saw in the Nubian desert. These 4 values, in 1/16 yard pieces, equal a quarter yard.

  • Here is a taste of Gene’s Wool of the Month collection for June. These soft pinks, with some subtle yellow overtones, come in 1/16 of a yard pieces, in four values, to make a quarter yard collection.

  • Whipping Yarn ready for your dye pot! If you want to perfectly match your whipping yarn to the next background you dye, why not include a few skeins of Gene’s special order whipping yarn?

    Made from a blend of wool from sheep who’s wool is upholstery grade, this wool is just the thing for a tough whipped edge. The approximately 1.5 oz skein is precisely the size Gene dyes for all the rugs he whips, this size being exactly what he needs to whip a 3’ by 5’ rug. If your whipping edge is not as tight as Gene’s or if you crochet the edges, you might want 2 skeins.

Gene's Free Rug Hooking Video

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