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May '14

Good Fiber … Mostly

From my perspective, all fiber is good fiber and anything associated with fiber production is an interesting thing to blog about … mostly.  Consequently, when visiting the Edwards County Historical Society on a recent trip home to visit Mom, I took along my camera. Although I grew up 3 houses away from this little historic […]

Mar '13

Prepared To Dye

By Tuesday evening, I was a happy camper.  Two days before my deadline, I got the editing done on the new book.  When you add that to the fact that we wrapped up the videos on Sunday, it makes for a big week and it is only Wednesday! The very last thing I wrote for […]

Aug '10

Find a Comfy Chair

Hopefully, this weekend you will be able to find a comfy chair, situated in a beautiful spot, where you can settle in to a bit of serious rug hooking. Although I did find this beautiful spot in Nona and Marjorie’s back yard, the absence of air conditioning precluded any serious rug hooking after 9 AM. […]

Aug '10

Another Idea for the “Someday” File

There is only one photo to show today.  However, it is a doozie and one I am definitely filing away as a rug idea that I must get to someday. This is a photo of Brose Woods with his sister (Georgie) and his goat, name unknown.  It was probably taken about 1895.  I knew Brose when […]

Aug '10

SAUDER ATTENDEE WISHES TO BUY A  #5 TOWNSEND BLADE  – contact Gene if you have a blade to sell even if you won’t be at Sauder. As stated in yesterday’s post, I am posting and hooking all week in my hometown, Albion, Illinois, theChowder Capital of the World. Just as Popeye received his strength from spinach, […]