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Articles and Books

Gene is usually working on “something” for publication.

Current Projects:

Article on “Presidential Rugs” for the Jan/Feb 2010  issue of RHM.

Beginning in December, 2009, Gene will begin shooting a new series of instructional DVDs

Published Articles, Rug Hooking Magazine:

“Connecting People Through Creativity,” RHM, Vol XII,  Jan/Feb 2001

“Hooking History: Recreating FDR’s Hooked Rugs,” RHM, Vol XIV, Nov/Dec, 2002

“Men Who Hook,” RHM, Vol. XV, Nov/Dec 2003

“The Reason for the Season,” RHM, Vol. XVI, Nov/Dec, 2004

“Christmas Stocking,”  free pattern and article, RHM, Vol. XVIII, 2006

“Beyond our Borders: Home Sweet Home,” RHM, Vol. XVIII, Jan/Feb 2007

“The Reeth Rug Retreat,” May/June/July, Vol. XIX, 2008

“Heather Ritchie & Cillameron: Teacher Feature,” June/July/Aug, Vol. XX, 2008

“Wide Cuts?  No Problem!” RHM June/July?August 2009

“Big Ideas from a Small World: RHM’s Free Pattern Sparks an International Blog Hook-In,” November/December 2009

Books and DVD’s

The Rug Hooker’s Bible, Stackpole, 2005

Prodded Hooking for a Three-Dimensional Effect, Stackpole, 2008

Pattern Designs for Rug Hookers, (Fowl Mood) Stackpole, 2009

DVD:  Rug Hooking At Home, Vol. 1 and 2, Stackpole, 2005

DVD’s: Whipping the Edge of Your Rug, Basic Dyeing, My First Project, GRS, 2007


5 comments to “Articles and Books”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    Don’t forget to list the Rughooker’s Bible and the Proddy book, plus the wonderful instructional DVDs – and the free internet rug school on YouTube.

  2. BillieJo Says:

    There are sooooo many items on my list for YOUR list and Internet Rug Hooking DVD’s. Let me start by requesting a video on making rug hooked pillows and ideas for the trimwork to go around the pillow. Can’t wait for the first set!!! BillieJo

  3. sj944 Says:

    More items on different hooking techniques and obtaining different textures in your hooking. We all don’t hook with wool so tips on other fabrics would be useful too.

  4. wynntter Says:

    I’d like to know about the different hooks available. Are the ones with the bent hook easier on the hands. What is its purpose? How about the straight hook, pencil hooks, etc. Do you have a video on youtube about hooks? Could you talk a little on various hooks some time?


  5. krewson4 Says:

    How can I contact you about the internet rug camp? I would like to join but am having difficulty with registration. Help would be greatly appreciated. Jackie

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