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How To Register

Hello all,

I’m Gene’s webmaster, Buddy. Gene informed me that some of you were having trouble registering with the blog and with making comments once you were registered.  I’m happy to say that the trouble was my mistake, and not your inability to follow directions. We’ve got it worked out now, so if you’d like to register with Gene’s blog in order to make comments about his posts, simply scroll down the Blog’s home page until you see a category in blue called “Meta”.  There is now a link called “register” that will allow you to do just that… register.  You simply select a username and password, and you are set!  

Happy commenting!



13 comments to “How To Register”

  1. LC Says:

    Do enjoy the blog site very much. It’s one of the first things I do every morning. The multi part series – just finished was fantastic.Thanks for all the photos. LC

  2. Gene Shepherd Says:

    Dear LC – Thanks for taking the time to register and comment. Glad you like the blog. Gene

  3. Jeanette Says:

    Newly logged in today from Australia on a freezing cold morning – perfect rug hooking weather. Have been reading your great blog for a couple of weeks now since being introduced to your site by someone in the new rug hooking group that I’ve just joined. Took advantage of your special offer and bought the proddy book. Looking forward to meeting you in person next April when you will be at Narrawilly farm in New South Wales.

  4. Gene Shepherd Says:

    Dear Jeanette -Very nice to hear from you. I have been following Sydney’s weather on my iPhone … hope it won’t be freezing in April! Either way, however, I am looking forward to being there and meeting Australian fiber artists. Give my best to your group. GRS

  5. Miccosukee Says:

    Congrats on mastering the iphone. I broke down and bought my first ipod but am having trouble getting it out of the box. Really hope my 26-year-old nephew gets up here soon. I am not technically inclined and so behind the times.

  6. Gene Shepherd Says:

    Miccosukee – I am a big fan of the iPod too – will have to encourage you to figure that one out. GRS

  7. Jo Says:

    Gene/Buddy – – is there a way to go in and change the password given to me when I first registered? I have the “automatic’ password which is very hard to remember. Thanks.
    Jo on Port Royal Island

  8. Robin Says:

    Hi Gene, Your Blog is great! I was told about it from another hooker, but I did not understand what she was so elated about but now I see for myself. I am looking forward to your internet classes. Be Blessed and thanks for all you do to help out hooker. Your Prodded Hooking Book is the best Rug hooking book I own.

  9. sj944 Says:

    Logout should also be at top of page as well I could not find it there

  10. bockrathn1 Says:

    My mother has an old hook rug kit. Part of it is completed but she is trying finish. However, the backing (mesh) has torn in a few places. Is there a way to repair it?

  11. Gene Shepherd Says:

    bockrathn1 – Well, there are ways to repair it – see “repairing rugs” in the category section. IF, however, there are a lot of rips, or the project is not all that special, you may want to re-think the time spent. It is a lot of work and I would only do it for an heirloom. Additionally, even if you put a new backing under the entire rug, it sounds like something that will need to be hung, not walked on. Gene

  12. freeindeed Says:

    Hi–just found your site after putting hooking aside for awhile. I switch it out for mosaicing when the seasons change. I love your site.But I’ve become so frustrated with finding some maybe urban, colorful, edgy patterns. There was a black lady who made beautiful patterns with life-lesson sayings on them but I’ve lost her name.Also, what are you doing with your rugs? Displaying them on the wall how? I’m from No. Cal. and here rugs are for the floor. I like that and I’m interested in maybe rug punch rug hooking. Any ideas? I love rug hooking but parts of it remind me of busting out of an old lady church. There needs to be some younger blood! Updated designs..i’m not an artist but know the young people will follow if we give them new songs for the hymnal!

  13. Gene Shepherd Says:

    Free Indeed – Glad to have you tuning in to the blog. Yes, I put most of my rugs on the floor but do occasionally hand one on the wall. There are lots of new designers out there – of course, even old designs can be given a brand new take with an edgy interpretation. Be sure and check out the Internet Rug Camp as well.

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