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May '15

Victoria, BC Workshop, Oct. 8-10, 2015

I am looking forward to doing a post-TIGHR wide-cut workshop when I am in Victoria, BC, October 8-10, 2015.

Here are the patterns being done in that class and a few comments about them:


Large Big Momma rug is 33″ by 78.”  The pattern is  $175 US.

When I hooked this rug, I did all the floral motifs in a #9 cut.  The striped background is a mixture of #10 (dark) and #9 (mixed lighter textures) and the outside border edge is all done with a #10.

If I were hooking any of the following pattern variations, I would also use these same cuts.  While I think these cuts work nicely with these designs, many people have done them with cuts as low as an 8. (I certainly don’t suggest anything smaller.) Usually, since I teach these in a wide-cut workshop, I strongly urge (but don’t insist) people to consider using at least an 8.5, as it looks so much bigger than an 8 and is not much more difficult to pull.


I often encounter people in wide-cut classes who don’t like to pull wide cuts because it hurts their hands and so they come expecting to do these patterns with something small, like a 6 cut.  While it does take a little more “umph” to pull a wide cut, it is not that hard to do IF one uses the right backing and the right hook. It is all about having the right tool.  Consequently, all of these patterns will come on bleached primitive linen – a backing woven on a wide enough set to allow for big loops.

I also stipulate that it is necessary for participants to have a hook with a big shaft – an 8MM is my suggestion.  I offer several 8MM  hooks (straight, bent, fat handle, pencil handle) but like my 8MM bent handle hook the best.


I love the stripy background on this big rug.  It is made with alternating stripes of dark background (Dorr #44) cut in a #10 against a mixture of as is textures cut at a #9.  While it is a very simple approach … it is a little more hard to do than one might expect.  The alternating directions require the early instillation of the border edge so that it can act like a fence to keep the changing direction of the background lines from pushing the edge of the rug out of shape.  One also has to give a little thought as to how and where one will start each section, etc.  While it works well in the big, I usually don’t reccomend it for the smaller versions as there just isn’t as much room for all that activity. However, if a person has their heart set on using it for the small rug, we can make it happen!


Color planning the big and small rug has to start with 2 decisions:  1.  Will the background be light or dark? 2. What color families/pairings will be used for each of the thhree flowers?  Once those decisions are made, the rest of the rug sort of falls into place.

The two smaller projects, of course, only have one flower each.  Still the flower’s color and that of the background has to be determined at the onset.


Amount of wool, of course, depends on the size of the project being done.  Wider cuts take a little more, generally speaking, because they are pulled a little higher.  So, I would suggest at least 5 times the surface being hooked, instead of the usual 4.  However, I would strongly recommend that “multiples” of your color choices be used instead of just thing.

By that I mean, if choosing to do a big purple flower, I would suggest that you use about 4 or 5 different purples in multiple values, with one being a texture.

The same recommendation goes for leaves.  Why hook a leaf with just one color when you can hook it with 4 or 5?

Students can provide their own wool or have me put together kits based on their color prefences.

The Small Big Momma Rug, 28″ by 48″ – $90 US – has nearly all the same motifs as the full sized version.  However, since it is smaller, most students don’t put in the striped background.  It can be done … there just isn’t quite as much room.

The pattern for the Big Momma Table Runner, 14″ by 47,” costs $85 US.  It has been a very popular design for those who don’t want to do a full sized rug.

While this photo makes the Big  Momma Pillow look bigger than all the other designs, it is only an 18″ square design.

All of these patterns are available in my store.  While I don’t advertise wool kits, I am always happy to make them up once I know a client’s color preferences.

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