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May '15

ATHA Biennial, San Antonio, TX

I will be teaching a class on realistic prodded flowers at the 2015 ATHA Biennial in San Antonio, TX.  Although the class has been full for some time, it never hurts to have one’s name on the waiting list just in case a spot opens.  To check on availability go to ATHArugs and click on 2015 Biennial.

Students in my class can choose from one of three kit options:



“Texas Star” will focus on cluster flowers (Texas Blue Bonnetts) and one big yellow rose of Texas.

Tisket Tasket Basket also has cluster flowers (lilacs) and three other large realistic flowers.  In this example, I have used a dahlia, a country rose and a tea rose.  It is possible to substitue other types of flowers as long as they are suited to the spaces available.

The final choice is the “Prodded Nosegay,” a cluster of 5 large flowers (2 tea roses, peony, dahlia and black eyed Susan) as well as a few padula cluster flowers.  This option will also cover how to make a Waldoboro (sculpted) center.

All kits will be based on an applique “blank” made especially for me by Judith McReynolds, using my hand dyed wool serged onto a bleached primitive linen backing.  Everything, except for the spots needed to prod the flowers, will be expertly covered with that hand dyed wool.  By not having to worry about backgrounds and other design elements in the project, the student will be able to spend 100% of their class time working on the flowers.  While I won’t garuntee that everyone will get their project done before closing time, I expect that most students will.

Colors and textures for the kits will be similar to those used in the examples shown.  I can do a bit of tweaking on both the background and flower colors if I hear from registered students before May 25.  However, basic structure for each blank must be limited to the star, basket and leaf nosegay.  I will have additional wool with me at the class in case students need a different color than I have provide.  Additionally, I will be selling general wool and some supplies in the class during the course of the day.

All kits will cost $90 and have the blank and enough wool to do the project as shown.

Every student in this class will need their own gripper type frame, sharp pair of scissors, needle and thread (thimble if you like) and a straight shaft 8 MM rug hook.  (I will have my favorite 8MM Hartmans for sale that day in case you need one.) We will not be using pincher type proddy tools for this class.

For more information about this project can contact gene@geneshepherd.com

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