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Jun '14

Show and Tell At CPRC 2014


Thursday was Show and Tell at Cambria Pines Rug Camp.


That is when all of the classes take their projects out to the garden for an impromptu exhibition.

Here is a report on what my class did during their week at camp.


Sally and I worked on the color planning for this piece after she got to camp.  She did all the hooking on this pillow as well as the prodded flower in the center.


Although Penny started this project before camp, she hooked half of the flowers and most of the background at Cambria.


This was Debi’s first project – her own design and color plan – all done at camp.  She even did some 3-D embellishments.


Elizabeth began this “Klimt” project with me last year and brought it out for round 2 this week.  We concentrated on “skin,” jewlery and defining the body shape.


June chose to work on a free form mixed media piece utilizing a wide variety of cut sizes of wool, silk, yarn, fleece and nylon with her own hand made glass bead embelishments.


Janice arrived with this huge pattern and bags of blue, pink and light green textured wools.  It took a while to find something that could bring all those elements together but, finally, we did in two very different dump dye pieces.  One was a magenta > hot orange piece and the other was a purple > light blue piece.  Those bits, used for pin stripes and outlines, bring everything together in an interesting way.


Janet decided to spend her week making realistic prodded flowers.  They were so good we had to shoo away the bees.


Dianne worked on this charming roller skating bunny pattern.  We spent a lot of time editing her original wool choices and making sure they would work together as desired.


Debby began this very large Double Cross pattern.  She said she decided to do it after I saw how you were playing around with it on the blog. We worked on this striking dark vs. hot bright combination.

Sandra worked on two rugs.


One was braided.


One was hooked.  Both were started before camp.

She would tell you that she is mainly a braider and only an occasional rug hooker.  Part of her frustration with rug hooking centered on the difficulty she has with hooking.  After watching her, I felt much of her problem came because of her choice of rug hook.  As you might expect, I got her to try a bent hook.   After she got the hang of it she found she had much better success.


Phyllis came with three dog faces hooked.  However, she was most unhappy with the face of the big dog on the right.  Over the week we tweaked that face until we got it looking like the original.  Once that was done, she got the entire body of the dog hooked and added a barn to the design.


I had a great class at Cambria Pines Rug Camp 2014.

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