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Apr '14

Brenna Rutherford In Mt. Vernon

When Ann K. Shepherd was planning The Brenna Rutherford Mystery Series, she knew that she wanted all the books to be set in what was, to her mind, the perfect small mid-western town.  After doing a lot of research, she settled on Mt. Vernon, Ohio, my current stop on this road trip.


Mt. Vernon is laid out with  a classic center roundabout right in the middle of town.


The city is full of all sorts of building and ornamention styles that have been popular at the various stages of history since it’s founding in 1805.


Whether it is a memorial to Civil War dead


Or rows of classic old homes on tree lined streets, the place is full of history and iconic charm.

Since I read and reread all my daughter’s books (as do many of you) I wanted to put a physical  “picture” with the literary images I have in my head about Mt. Vernon.  So, on Wednesday, I set out on my own Brenna Rutherford tour.


Here is the acutal house my daughter chose to be the home Brenna lives in with her uncle.


Since all the books are set during her senior year of high school, I had to drive by Mt. Vernon High School.  Go Yellow Jackets!


To make spending money, Brenna works after school and on weekends at the local bakery.


Although the bakery in the books goes by a different name


The Pink Cup Cake has the right look and feel for the one that Ann writes about.


I, of course, had to do a bit of extra research to prepare for this post and ended up getting a small assortment of things to sample.  How else could one write with authority?


The newest book in the series is The Envy Trap.  Much of that story takes place in the Woodward Opera House, located in downtown Mt. Vernon.


One of the sites that repeadtedly pops up in the book is the local cemetery.  It is the place where Brenna’s mother was buried after the car crash that took her live right as Brenna was born.  I actually ended up spending more time there than anywhere else because I have always found cemeteries very interesting.

I could have spent all day looking at the interesting artisitic markers in the Mt. Vernon cemetery.  However, as it was a cold day, I decided to move on to a place that bright and warm.


The Paragraphs Bookstore


Yes, they do have my daughter’s books on the shelf!  If you are interested in checking out Ann’s books, you can get the at the Paragraph’s book store in Mt. Vernon or by searching for Ann K. Shepherd at Amazon.com.  Volumes 1-4 are “Seeing Red,” “The Haunting of Mitch Hamilton,” “On Ice” and “The Envy Trap.”  All are available in either paperback or Kindle downloads.

Since we are supposed to talk about something linked to our artistic pursuits, I took several photos of design elements that would work just as well for rugs as they do for stone.


It does not take all that much to an interesting flourish on a stair stepped line.



Need a center medallion shaped rug design?


I am still fascinated with metal decorative gates.


One simply cannot get too  many acanthus leaves.


Not Doric, Ionic or Corinthian.  Do you suppose this would be a Citric Colum?


It is all about the shading!


This could be lengthened, made wider, or cropped to a quarter and then flipped to make a new whole design.


This design – a fragile over turned vase of flowers – bothered me quite a lot.  While it is probably a standard Victorian grieving motif, it is not something I ever remember seeing before.  It just seems very sad indeed.


Best to go back to some more leaves and a great shield design.


Although, this sweet little stone is hard to beat for impact.


Whether carved or hooked –




These flowers will last!


I like to think this was a tribute to a week of rug camp where everything went right.


This, unfortunately, might do for a week where the project did not turn out quite as hoped!


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