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Aug '13

Since Saturday

Since Saturday, I have dyed a lot of wool.  I did not keep track of the amount (I dyed 20 yards just on Tuesday) but I did, of sorts, keep track of the different colors I used to dye.


At first, the used colors just got left out on the work table after the dye session was over.  I know, it is hard to believe that I don’t always end each dye session with a meticulous clean up & put up period but, on occasion  I do not and, on Saturday, did not.

On Sunday evening, when I dyed a little more, I also left those dye colors out.  Monday and Tuesday saw big marathon dyeing sessions and, by that time, it was sort of fun to see which colors I used and which ones I did not.  Some of these colors were used as is and many of the others were components of dye recipes I made.  While a very few colors were used more than once, I tried to avoid multiple uses of colors if I could just to see if I could do it.  As it was, I used 37 of the 82 Pro Chem colors I have on hand.  This was rather interesting to me as it, basically, supports my suggestion in the book that there are about 30 Pro Chem colors that one must have.


Gene discusses all that he did to fill up his wall of wool.  If you would like to read Gene’s complete posts, become a member of his Internet Rug Camp at www.internetrugcamp.com/  A 12 month subscription costs just $36.


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