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Jul '13

In The Mood

Over the weekend, I found myself in the mood for an odd assortment of things.

Perhaps, because it was hot and muggy (at least for S. CA), I longed for something cool and refreshing. Fortunately, I had a very cool report that made me forget the heat, at least for a while.


Gene: Just finished my third project. Loved working on Santa. Seemed like an old friend as I hooked him. Amazing that the rugs seem to talk to me.  I have done quilting, needlepoint, crochet, knitting and spinning but this is my new favorite hobby. Think he will make a great pillow.  As you can probably guess, I am ready to start on my 4th project.

I have been watching your videos.  Is there one that discusses and shows various background to use on a rug? Guess my other worry is when I start my project the progression of how it should be hooked.  Thanks again!  Thanks – Jan Danielson

Jan – Your report really hit the spot.  It was like a refreshing blast of polar air on a hot day in the studio.  This Santa turned out great.  I am glad we’ve got you focused on rug hooking because rug hooking agrees with you!  What is that 4th project?  As far a IRgC video on backgrounds, go to the one by Diane Phillips – it discusses various background techniques.

As far as progression of hooking goes – what you hook 1st, 2nd and 3rd, etc. – Always hook first that which is closest to you or, what is on top.


Take for example, the leaves in this little piece.  Look at the 3 large leaves on the left.  The biggest leaf is on top of the other 2.  It is also closest to the viewer and it should be hooked first.  The one behind it would be hooked second and the one at the back 3rd.  (In this case, I also hooked them, basically, 1st light, 2nd medium and 3rd dark.)  Since the bird is perched on the branch, which covers part of the bird, the branch was hooked first and then the bird.  It is always easiest to hook 1st, the design element which is on top.   Thanks for sending in your report.

The other odd thing I was in the mood to do over the weekend was dye “camo.”


Gene reports on meeting Duck Dynasty’s Duck Commander, Phil Robertson and dyeing two batches of “camo” wool.

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