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Jun '13

2 Cats At Caraway

Before announcing the winner of our most recent Giveaway, I thought I would tell you about 2 cats at Caraway.


The first cat arrived as a surprise addition to my rug design, Miss Weigle. Before I could even get in the show to see it, people were stopping me in the hall asking if I had seen the cat in the Miss Weigle rug.  As I had not set foot in the show yet, nor remembered any cat in that design, I could honestly answer no.  However, such comments did send up my antenna and before too long I found the rug.


The “cat” they were talking about is this little tabby that artist Barbara Springer added to the design.  People often ask me how I feel about artists who take liberty with my designs expecting, I think, for me to be unhappy about such things.  However, particularly with an addition such as this, it does not bother me at all.  I certainly understand how people like to adapt things to suit their personal needs and situations.

When I got up close enough to take this photo of the rug, there was already a small group of people standing around it talking about the cat and “the mouse” that the artist hid in the design.  Some of the ladies could not see the mouse but others could.  In fact, I saw about 3 people find “the mouse” in 3 different hidden locations.  This all puzzled me because I could not find the mouse either!


Fortunately, Barbara Springer, the artist, happened to be a student in my class, so I just asked her about the hidden mouse.  Her reply was simple:  What mouse?  There is no hidden mouse. As you can probably tell with this photo of her at work on her Caraway project, Barbara is an accomplished artist with great technique. Since one of the characteristics of great art is that it allows different viewers to see different things, that must mean her Miss W is a great piece of art with or without a mouse!


Cat #2 arrived through the efforts of Shirley Dillard, also in my class.  Shirely and I were table mates a few years ago at the Sauder Rug Retreat and have been good friends ever since.


She worked on this Rooster rug (already show in full at this year’s Caraway show report but shown here in a corner shot so you can see all the detail) while I sat on the other side of the table working on my new project.


Heart of the Home.  Since then were in another workshop together when I taught in Georgia.

It was at that second workshop that she brought me a homemade carmel cake made by a famous baker in her church – Aunt Cat.  Remembering my positive response to that, she made arrangements for her husband to bring an Aunt Cat cake with him when he came early to pick her up from camp.


Consequently, my second cat at Caraway was another great cake from Aunt Cat.  FYI:  Photos of the cake are all I am willing to share.  Although I am usually allergic to cats, neither of these 2 cats caused me any problems at all.



Nancy (nancyshearheaven)

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