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May '13

Hooking Events

Most of my posts are about rug hooking somewhere in North America.  That is, after all, where I liver and what  I know.


I have hooked all over North America and, whether I am on the East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West or in Canada, it pretty much feels the same.  There are lots of enjoyable people, wonderful rugs, wonderful wool and wonderful conversation.  We even manage to fit in a little food with our rug hooking.

I wonder …. Should they happen on other continents, do you suppose that rug hooking get togethers are different?  As luck would have it, we just happen to have a report that will answer that question.


Hello Gene – Its Chris from Oz!

I thought I would write and share with you that we had our very first inaugural Victorian rug hooking meeting today (Saturday) at Joy Marshall’s house!


It was lots of fun with everyone sharing and showing what they were doing with the art/craft of rug hooking.


There were eight of us there, plus one young lady who came with her grandma. Three were ardent ‘hookers’ – one was new, two, maybe three enthusiastic hopeful hookers, and two more were lookers who are very crafty people but not particularly looking for another craft in their already busy lives. These two left early, that left six.

Of those four who stayed on for the afternoon, we  got in some serious hooking time. Well, it seemed that way anyway, in between the chatting and getting to know one another and organizing a name for our group [any ideas], selecting a meeting time and talking about promoting the Australia Rug Guild at Melbourne craft shows.


Joy provided a beautiful pot of soup to enjoy on this wintry day and everyone brought a plate of food or cake to share. 
All in all it was a productive and very enjoyable day.


We thank Joy for her hospitality.


I have included some happy snaps, including one of Miriam Miller’s cheese scones, which we just had to have.

Sending greeting from the first inaugural Vic rug hookers group in Oz.  Chris

Dear Chris – Thanks for the great report.  I know I speak for all the IRgC when I say congratulations having such a successful 1st Saturday Hook-In.  However, I have got to go on record as saying, your Saturday event sounded and looked pretty much like my 1st Saturday hooking event in Anaheim!  We also had what you had:

Experienced Rug Hookers

New Rug Hookers


Lots of Talking

Show and Tell

Lots of Fun

Lots of Plans for the Next Event

Lots of Eating  (I actually promised, at my event, to make Miriam’s scones the next time we meet.  Recipe:  1 cup self rising flour, 1 cup shredded white cheddar cheese, just enough milk to hold that together, drop by spoonfuls onto a cookie sheet and bake in a hot oven.  Eat when hot, with real butter – they will change your life and have you saying G’Day to everyone you meet.)

However, I am a tad bit surprised.  Were there no kangaroos?  No Kola Bears?   (In Anaheim, at least, we had 19 parakeets – all of which can trace their lineage back to Australia.)  Even so, while all your rugs had an exotic Aussie flavor, your group’s flavor reminds me of home.   In fact, I felt right at home reading your report and looking at those wonderful snaps.  Thanks so much for including us.  After all, we are all a part of the same big rug hooking family – we just meet in different locations!  GRS

I also got a second note from Joy about this same event.

Hi Gene,

Yesterday we made history when 8 Victorians met together for our inaugural First Saturday Rug Hooking Get Together. I think Chris is sending you a fuller report on this and some photos, as hostess I was busy with welcoming folk and making sure everyone had what they needed. In short we began with a show and tell, who we were and how we came to be interested in hooking rugs.

After lunch we answered questions and helped two ladies, new to hooking, to get started while the three ‘veterans’ enjoyed sitting around the table, hooking and chatting.


I have finished the Bideford Parsonage rug that I started with you in Strathalbyn and have included a photo of mine.


This photo, however, is the original one from the scullery floor in Bideford Parsonage where LM Montgomery boarded as a young teacher.

Joy Marshall

Joy – Thanks so much for the update on the day and your lovely rug.  It turned our very nice indeed.  With all the Anne of Green Gables fans we have on this site, I wouldn’t be surprised if some more Bideford Parsonage rugs show up down the road.  GRS

PS to all IRgCampers:  As you are so good about identifying things –


Can anyone identify the breed of this stray dog that went through the yard during the 1st Saturday Anaheim Hook In?






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