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Mar '13

Long Day

Friday was my long day at Siloam Springs, as I taught all day and then did an extra workshop in the evening.  

Students were there waiting for me with baskets of cut wool when I arrived at 8:30 in the morning.

The day was all about making progress on each pattern, the goal being to get a little bit of every section hooked during the 3-day event.

Of course, we have to stop every now and then to look at something interesting that an attendee might bring in.  Isn’t this needle punch piece of Roberta’s a particularly elegant piece?

Most of the wool in this piece was dyed with onion skins and that got us all off target for just a little while.  However, this group was pretty focused and quickly got back to work.

This student turned her first corners on Friday.  We were quite happy with her work.  Of course, she has several more to go.

There were several pomegranates under construction.  This one is being hooked with wool, yarn and cut silk.

We have one mother daughter combo –

This is mother …

This is daughter.

Our male hooker (and host) also started adding silk to his rooster.

Lots of fall leaves were falling.

One brand new hooker brought in her grandmother’s cutter.  She still has the box, addressed to her grandmother.  Postage on the cutter was 33 cents.

She also had a second little cutter which, I think, must have been for cutter other kings of fabric for sewing.  The cutter wheel does not cut a straight edge – more like a zig zag.  I bet an IRgC reader can tell me what it was for.

Everyone mades lots of progress before quitting time at 5:00PM.

After a quick dinner, 14 more gathered for a “dyeing without dye” workshop that lasted until 8 PM.

I covered 6 techniques.

We had a good time …

And left 6 pots of cooked wool cooling so they would be ready for us first thing on Saturday morning.

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