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Feb '13

Something To Look At

If you have not gone to the video section of the IRgC since our most recent upgrade, you ought to do so.  To make it easier to find something to look at, all videos are now listed in 5 basic categorizes: Hooking, Finishing, Dyeing, Prodding and Interviews/Reports.  All videos are alphabetized in each of these topical sections.  With 74 videos on the site, this ought to make it a little bit easier to find things you want to watch.

There are also 2 new videos today up for your viewing pleasure –

The first one is Proddy Frames for Traditional Hooking. This video is about the multi-purpose use a traditional proddy frame can have.  While we normally think of them as just a single use type of frame, that is not necessarily the case.  Given the fact a proddy frame can also make it easy to avoid whipping by finishing the rug while on the frame, it ought to be of interest from both a practical as well as historical perspective.

The second video contains interviews from all those who attended the TIGHR conference in Australia.  It is always good to hear other fiber artists talk about their reasons for being passionate about our art form.

Videos are on my mind today as I am getting ready for a lengthy video shoot on Saturday.  The crew will be in the studio to film enough footage for (if all goes well) 1 and a part of the 2nd video being shot in conjunction with my new book, Prepared to Dye. We will finish up with a second Saturday marathon a week from this Saturday.  When finished, there will be 3 videos, which will come out in September.

As it turns out, I am not the only one who has been in the dye pot.  Sue-Anne just sent in this lovely report and it is certainly something lovely to look at.

Gene, your commitment to hook on your Problem Persian inspired me to get to work. Not that I haven’t been working on this piece but I worked many days these last few weeks for at least 4 hours each day. It would have been my father-in-laws birthday today if he was still living so I thought that this would be a good day to put a push on and complete my rug! I still have to whip it but that shouldn’t be a problem for me as I seem to be one of the few people that doesn’t mind the job. This is “Cow Lady Sampler” by Susan Quicksall. It’s 4’x5′ and hooked in a 4 cut. I bought it while at the ATHA Biennial in Lancaster PA. in October 2011. I started it in November 2011. I had already put the completion date in the corner as 2012 a while ago which I changed today. Here are a few photos. It’s so big that I couldn’t get a great picture of the whole so I took some pictures of different portions of it. Now to get another rug finished (which I haven’t started yet by the way) for the big rug show in Summerside PEI this summer. It has to be finished by April 3oth.

Sue-Anne Jay

Dear Sue-Anne –  I am impressed by two things in your report:  this rug and your determination to get another one hooked by April 30th!  I like all of Susan’s designs and this one is particularly nice.  You interpreted it with great colors and technique.


Gene shows some closeups displaying Sue-Anne’s artistry.  If you would like to see all of Gene’s IRgC posts, become a subscriber at www.internetrugcamp.com/

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