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Feb '13

All Stacked Up

As is often the case, Tuesday night, before I went in for the evening, I dyed up a bunch of wool and left it to cool over night.  That means, first thing Wednesday morning, I had a stack of wool waiting for me to rinse, dry and fold.

Here is how the first bit of that wool stacked up.  The bottom grouping is another batch of orange, similar to what I was fiddling around with last week.  The remainder of this stack is 3 sets of marbleized wool twists that incorporate colors you can’t get anymore.  This is a particular bummer for me as I really like these twist combinations and have used them a lot.   None of these twists will be in the book because you can’t get three important off-bolt colors anymore that are needed to make them – eggplant, magenta (my name as I can’t find the name) and bright teal – also my name as I can’t find that proper name either.


Gene talks about the other dye projects he did during a 24-hour time period, resulting in a 30″ stack of quarter yard pieces.  If you would like to see all the wool that Gene dyed become a subscriber to the Internet Rug Camp at www.internetrugcamp.com/

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