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Apr '12

A Lot of Measuring

Even though geometrics have been very good to me, you may notice that I don’t draw too many geometric patterns anymore.  It is not that I do not like to hook them, it is that I don’t like to draw them – especially big ones.  Nonetheless, every now and then I find myself drawing one […]

Nov '10

Transfer Tip

Here is a simple tip that will help you keep things together when transferring a pattern. When I am designing a paper pattern, or drawing off a pattern onto some backing, I always make a mark mid point on every outside line.  I know, I know, this mid-point mark does not look very glamorous.  However, […]

Jun '10

True Confessions

It would probably make a good book title: True Confessions of a Hooker. However, internet buyers would probably be quite disappointed  with the content.  While you usually hear “our” sort of rug hooker stating that the part they hate most about hooking is whipping the edge of the pattern, in all honesty, I have to confess that the part […]

Apr '09

Light Box

I was drawing a pattern for “Big Birds” the other night and thought you might like to look over my shoulder at the process. About the only way I ever transfer patterns is with my giant, 6 foot long drop leaf table light box. It really comes in handy on a big pattern like this. […]

May '08

Getting Patterns “Right”

**If photos for this post do not load, please click on “May 2008” in the Archive list on the right. There has been some recent discussion, on one of the Internet hooking groups I visit, about drawn patterns that aren’t drawn “right.” That makes me nervous since I am drawing a geometric right now that […]

May '08

More About Patterns

Last night a friend came over to work on a pattern for Cambria. It’s the “problem pattern” that was discussed April 4 on this site. While the design is no longer a “problem,” it is a geometric … and drawing any geometric is a bit of a problem. Here are a few tips that I […]

May '08

Reproducing an Original Design

I frequently do not hook a pattern the way it is drawn – even my own patterns. A good case in point is the “Scottish Thistle” which is shown in a prodded version in the gallery of rugs on the web site. While the “cup” shape of the thistle was there in the initial drawing, […]

Apr '08

What’s On My Light Box

While it’s more usual to talk about “What’s On My Frame,” I have not had much “frame” time the last few days. “What’s On My Light Box” is the more appropriate topic because I am doing a lot of pattern making right now. That’s mostly due to the fact that Cambria Pines Rug Camp is […]

Apr '08

Oak Chair Seat Final

The last few days have been spent putting together a kit for a special chair seat rendition of “Wm. Pickering’s Oak.” I’ve placed one piece of leaf material next to some of the background so you can see how it will all look together. Additional khaki colored wool will also be added for the stems […]

Apr '08

Dyeing for Leaves

The leaves for the “Wm. Pickering’s Oak” chair seat were designed to be hooked with what I call an “Ordered Pancake Casserole Dye” technique. I do see other people refer to it as casserole dye … and it is, but it’s not just a normal casserole technique. One needs to be careful in both how […]