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May '15

Victoria, BC Workshop, Oct. 8-10, 2015

I am looking forward to doing a post-TIGHR wide-cut workshop when I am in Victoria, BC, October 8-10, 2015. Here are the patterns being done in that class and a few comments about them:   Large Big Momma rug is 33″ by 78.”  The pattern is  $175 US. When I hooked this rug, I did […]

Sep '11

My hostess for my recent trip to Victoria was Lynda Diepold.  It was a pleasure staying in her lovely home with her and her husband Jack. Right off the bat, I noticed that she had lots of rugs.  The oldest ones were made by her mother, Ella Bateson.  All of Ella’s rugs incorporated this leaf […]

Sep '11

Big Cuts in BC

It is always nice when things work out. Take, for example, Queen Victoria. Without her, there might never have been a Victoria, British Columbia, and we wouldn’t have had such a nice place to go on an IRgCamp road trip! The Victoria workshop was billed as a wide cut workshop.  While I don’t think of #6s and […]

Sep '11

A Wooly Thyme

The official host of the Wide-Cut Workshop in Victoria, BC, was the Wooly Thyme rug hooking group of that city.  As we had room for a few more people than they have members, there were some other rug hookers, from the general area, who were also able to attend. I asked Sheila Mitchell, my coordinator […]

Sep '11

About That Wool

Ever since it appeared on the clothes line after the Victoria dye session, people have been asking me about that big piece of wool. The narrow part of this piece was cut at 1 yard on the selvedge (before dyeing) and the length is that of the entire bolt width … so, in this shot, […]

Sep '11

Lots and Lots of Leaves

Tody’s post finds me t   disdvtge – I cut my little finger pretty bd while slicing    tomto for my wife.  it is the little finger tht controls the letters “a, q nd z” nd the shift key for cpitl letters typed by my right hnd.  it is bndged up so big tht it […]

Aug '11

A Quick Trip to Butchart

One of the world’s premier floral displays is at The Butchart Gardens, just outside of Victoria, BC. I could not get past the entrance area without taking a boatload of photos.  Of course, that was just a warm up for the real thing. Once I rounded the corner, I was blown away by the scale […]

Aug '11

Special BC Inspiration

Some times, the best thing one can do to improve their hooking is take a break to do something special. One of the best places I know to go for a special break in Victoria, BC, is the world famous Empress Hotel for tea. The company was just as special as the tea – Sheila […]

Aug '11

BC Fiber Artists Show Their Work

The other day I gave you just a taste of the talent the British Columbian fiber artists, at the Victoria workshop, have.  Here is a much bigger serving. It would be hard to find a more realistic Lab! One of Canada’s many light houses. Another great dog – I particularly like the background. Pets are […]

Aug '11

Working Really Hard in BC

While I know you are supposed to take time to smell the roses, I have not seen all that many roses while in Victoria, BC. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other flowers dripping from the landscape! This neighbor of my hostess has so many flowers that he  sells them to those passing […]