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Jan '11

Low Calorie Candy

If, like me, you over indulged your sweet tooth during the holidays, you may be interested in some candy  that is guaranteed to be “0” calories! Eye Candy is the rug hooker’s best friend as it never puts on unwanted pounds.  This pile of wool even reminds me of those big hanks of taffy I […]

Dec '10

Some Beautiful Rugs

I have two great rug reports today that you are sure to like. The first comes from Jan Fruit, who was in my proddy class in Atlanta.  She showed me a couple photos of completed projects during a break in the class and I asked her to email them to me so I could get […]

Nov '10

Pawing Through My Past

Yesterday’s post about Cat’s Paws and the subsequent comments and questions about the motif, got me thinking more about my own paw odyssey – and it also prompted me to get out the camera and shoot some better shots of my cat’s paw rug.  I really do like cat’s paws and need another serving.  For […]

Nov '10

Cat’s Paws

A reader recently wrote in asking about how to hook Cat’s Paws.  This little design is a motif that I really like and often utilize.  While it is nothing more than concentric circle and near-circle like shapes, there is something particularly appealing about them.  They are also a great way to use up bits of […]