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Jul '13

Traditional Proddy Bench Cover

Today on the Internet Rug Camp, Gene discusses his process for making this traditional prodded mat as a cover for his loom bench as well as the historical background for this type of mat making. If you would like to be a member of the Internet Rug Camp subscribe ($36 per year) at www.internetrugcamp.com/   […]

Mar '12

A Great Proddy Project

Isn’t this a beautiful prodded piece?  Here is the info to go with it – Gene: Here is a picture and write up of Proddy Camellias Rug, made by my good friend, Marta Grinberg.  Since I spend my winters in Florida, I get to hook with her and the Gator Group of Sebastian, Florida.  Marta […]

Dec '11

Questions About Frames

Several questions came in yesterday after I posted about the uses of a traditional proddy frame as opposed to a gripper type frame.  Many of the rugs I make or teach workshops on can be both hooked and prodded while using a gripper frame of any kind – they don’t require the wooden frame.  If […]

Apr '11

More From the UK

Penny, our UK reporter, sent in a few more photos from her trip to the Beamish, Open Air Museum of Northern England. In the miner’s cottages, not only do they have demonstrators making prodded rugs, there are lots of them laying around.  Made by very poor people, out of what ever they could find to […]

Feb '11

Trouble Shooting At 1st Saturday

As you probably know, I host a hook-in on the 1st Saturday of every month.  What you don’t know is that I moved it from the Harbor House to my studio for the February Hook-in.  Although I like hooking at the Harbor House just fine, I do get tired of dragging, from my studio to […]

Dec '10

Proddy Report

Paul M. just wrote in with a report on the projects she and her sister (Debbie K.) did in our class at Sauder Village.  I am really thrilled to see their work and knew you would be too. Hi Gene, Debbie and I finished our runners a couple of months ago, but I was remiss […]

Oct '10

Spring is (Always) in the Air

I have been looking forward to this report for a long time. When I was getting ready for Cambria Pines Rug Camp 2009, Sarah Province asked me to dye some cherry blossom wool for a prodded project she was thinking about working on.  The wool I ended up making utilized a variety of blossom colors […]

Sep '10

Prodding Along

There is a new video on the Internet Rug Camp today: Traditional Proddy. This old technique produces a thick, shag-like carpet or mat that is just the ticket for using up blanket and coat weight material that you might no otherwise want to put in a hooked rug. Although I was able to spend a […]

May '10

Feed Back

It never ceases to amaze me that, after reporting on something I am doing in the studio, a couple of days later a blog reader, from somewhere on the other side of my world, is likely to report in on their version of the same project.  Here is a report that proves the point, from […]

May '10

A Cozy Project

About the time I returned from Australia, I received this note and photo from Shelley, at Hook N Wool – Dear Gene, Our group finally got all our Tea Cozies in one place for a photo.  I think the ladies did the most beautiful job for their 1st time at prodding. We hope you like […]