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Aug '15

Celebrating Elizabeth Black Hook In, 11/ 17 &18

A Remembrance of Elizabeth Black featuring Gene Shepherd Coordinated by Colonial Rug Hookers Reserve your space now for this unique event! November 17 and 18, 2015, at Massanetta Springs Conference Center, Harrisonburg, VA. $25 fee includes the following: Hook‐In Tuesday evening and Wednesday day “Throwdown” and remembrances of Elizabeth Black led by Gene Shepherd Sale […]

Apr '14

A Lay-In

No, this is not a reference to the fact that I was sick Thursday and Friday, making me unable to have 1st Thursday or 1st Saturday.  It is a reference to something much more unsettleing.  I don’t want to shock you with this behind the scenes look at a tension packed life in the studio […]

Apr '14

Students Report

I hope you have enjoyed all the posts this week about rugs made by IRgC members in classes with Elizabeth Black.  Fortunately, I have one more post to make. Gene – I started this rug with Elizabeth in 2011 and continued 2012 in Woodstock. VA. It is a photo from the British Wool Board in […]

Apr '14

Students Report, Part 1

At long last, we get to see reports from  some of Elizabeth Black’s students. Gene – I completed “Cookie” after a 3 day class with Elizabeth in 2011.  I am a wide cut hooker and never thought I could do the #3’s and #4 required for the detail of a lifelike piece.  Elizabeth kept encouraging […]

Mar '14

The Artistry of Elizabeth Black

One name is sure to make my short list of favorite rug hooking artists:  Elizabeth Black. I met Elizabeth on the first day of my first rug camp experience at Cambria.  Although she was not my teacher, at the close of that first day, she stopped by my classroom to check out that man who showed […]

Jun '12

In A Black Mood

** Before I begin today’s post about students working in Elizabeth Black’s class, here is a Bee Line/Townsend Cutter Care tip for those who have had a problem with a cutter head that leaves one strip perforated instead of perfectly cut – Place the offending cutter head in your machine and stand behind it as […]

Jun '10

A Black Mood: Part 2

This is what students in a Black Mood look like.  Like most of our other classes, students came from all over the US … But one even came from Japan! While most students do use cuts #’s 3 & 4 in Elizabeth’s class, it is certainly not a prerequisite.  Those wishing to use wider  cuts are always […]

Jun '10

Class in a Black Mood

Some students who came to CPRC this year were in a Black mood all week – Elizabeth Black, that is.  While everyone working in her class does not do a realistic looking animal, the majority do.  Here are most of the projects being worked on during the week. I am not sure what would be […]

Jun '10

Monday at Cambria PInes Rug Camp 2010

Cambria Pines Rug Camp got underway yesterday with its first full day of camp.  I visited every class room and found the same thing: Busy campers working hard on their projects. This year we have 5 classes.  Our total attendance, including spouses and camp staff, is 102 from states spread coast to coast in the […]

Aug '09


Always on the lookout for a newsworthy post, I thought I would today’s blog on the backside of  Arline’s cat boards. As there was so much interest in the hooked, standup cats and geranium pot from Arline, ( Cambrian Cats featured a few days ago on the blog – just scroll down to see them) […]