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Although Gene Shepherd did not start rug hooking until 1998, it’s been his only outside interest since that time. Described as a “self taught artist who hooks by ear,” Gene hooks, does commission work for individuals and museums, designs, dyes, develops tools, teaches and writes about rug hooking. His work has been featured many times in Rug Hooking Magazine, ATHA Newsletter and A Celebration of Hand Hooked Rugs, XII, XIV & XV. Gene has been director of the Cambria Pines Rug Camp, Cambria, CA, since 2000  


In 2006, he became the Author/Editor of The Rug Hooker’s Bible, and wrote and appeared in Rug Hooking Magazine’s two volume DVD series, Rug Hooking At Home. The popularity of those DVDs convinced Gene that there was a widespread need for more instructional DVDs on all aspects related to the production of hooked and prodded rugs, leading him to self produce 4 other instructional DVDs in 2007, the same year he started making daily blog posts about all topics related to rug hooking at  Since then, Gene's Internet Rug Camp library has increased to over 75 videos.



It's that time!

Gene's Cambria Pines Rug Camp is heralded as one of the absolute best in the world... and with good reason. He brings in the best teachers, the best materials, and hosts the camp in the BEST location! For more information on this year's camp, click the button in the menu above! 



Gene's online store is 

recognized the world-over as one of the best places on the web to get your rug hooking supplies. Why is this? Because Gene takes care to select only the BEST products to sell in his store. From bent hooks to wire brushes to rug tape,  Gene has personally used each and every one of the items in his store to ensure that it gives the user a seamless way to create their masterpiece. Not only that, Gene offers hand-dyed wool, created in his very own "Rug Kitchen" in Anaheim, California. Each piece of his wool is selected for it's uniqueness, it's usabiltiy, and it's beauty. Gene also has a large selection of hand drawn patterns for sale in his store. Many sizes, flavors, and ideas for you to use as you expand your very own rug hooking library. Gene's patterns are creative and easy to use. We're sure you'll find designs that will keep you hooking rugs for as long as you'd like! Finally, once in a while Gene will offer specials in his store. Unique pieces that are limited runs, special dyes, unique "one-off" wool, pattern weights... there could be any number of things that Gene finds and offers to you from month to month. 
So what are you waiting for? Visit Gene's Store today for all your Rug Hooking needs!

The Internet Rug Camp

The Internet Rug Camp

Gene Shepherd's Internet Rug Camp is the GO TO place on the internet for all things "Rug Hooking". Over a hundred instructional videos, an incredibly active blog, pattern downloads, specials, trips, photos... and it's all available to you, 24 hours a day! 


To join the Internet Rug Camp, simply click the button below to be taken to the registration page. The Internet Rug Camp is one of the best bargains on the web at just $36/year. 


There's a place for you at the Internet Rug Camp!



You can hook!!! 


The Internet Rug Camp is chock full of 'How To' videos, but just in case you're a beginner and wondering if rug hooking is for you, Gene would like to share his "Getting Started with Rug Hooking" video with you right here on his home page! No need to sign up for the Internet Rug Camp just yet, but we're betting you're going to want to in the end!  Enjoy!


 Through these venues, he began connecting, on a daily basis, with fiber artists around the world who came to him for instructional tools that were not available in their areas.  His second book, Prodded Hooking for a Three-Dimensional Effect, with accompanying DVD, was published in October 2008.  In 2014, his third book, Prepared To Dye was published, along with 3 hours of support video resources.  

The Internet Rug Camp is a realization of Gene’s dream to create a large library of instructional DVDs that will be available to rug hookers every where, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  


Gene Shepherd's Store

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